America needs some more of Trump’s poison

Lord, I hope Donald Trump doesn’t get impeached. That would be about the worst thing for America right now. Because it needs to continue the crashing descent, it needs to continue to rot. But if they got rid of Trump now, they would be drinking the wine before it fermented.

Something awoke in Charlottesville. When Donald Trump refused to condemn the white supremacists, I think I heard the snapping of attention. A realization that it’s one thing to be under investigation for possibly colluding with the Russians, but it’s another thing altogether to be a closet racist, supremacist, bigot, pick your label. We don’t have a lot of true taboos in this day and age. You can bilk people of millions with a fake university. You can even punch people in the pussy. But let people infer that you sympathize with white supremacists? That’s a whole new level of crazy.

You can ask Putin to hack into servers. You can’t let Nazis off the hook.

Unfortunately, Trump may have played his last card too soon in the game. As much fun as it would be to see the Poseidon Adventure that a Trump impeachment would turn out to be, it would be a bad move on America’s part. Trump has placed a terrible taste in everyone’s mouth, but not terrible enough. Not yet. If Trump leaves now, America will let the establishment off the hook.

If Trump was dumped today, we’d probably let all the politicians who excused or ignored Captain Crazy off the hook. And that’s the worst thing. If Trump left, or was removed, or remanded for 90 day observation, America will go back to the existing system. Back to the status quo. Back to the Same Old World Order. Back to the cleaving of compromise, and the cleavage of corporate sugar daddies.

If America got rid of Trump now, it would be drinking the wine before it fermented.

But if Trump can hang on a little longer? That might be an awfully good thing. If everyone could please back off of the POTUS so he can crawl his way out of this tarpit, and righty into the next disaster, that would be best for us all. Because Trump isn’t the real problem. The real problem is that the people in the halls of power are cowards.

Several months of these presidential disasters that are followed by the immediate silence of congressional leaders? America could use a bit more of that, because it will slowly expose their leaders as a cadre more intent on the welfare of their party, the welfare of their own office, than they are on the welfare of the people they swore to serve.

If it all ended today, the ones that supported Trump, the ones that were silent with each of his gaffes, they will all get a free pass because everyone will will say that everyone was a part of this, and everyone bear responsibility.

But if Trump can stay another year, then congress will not be able to say that. For the time has arrived where the American public has realized there is something terribly wrong, and there will be no forgiveness for a congress that refuses to admit the same.

Things need to get to the terrible point where it can’t be let go, it can’t be forgotten, it can’t be swept under the rug. It needs to go to a point where no one will tolerate anything but the full collapse of the current way politics is done.

There needs to be some more of Donald Trump’s poison.