How I knew I was addicted to coffee

Our coffee maker has a pinhole in the grinder, which tells you how long it takes us to replace things. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I have a coffee maker older than my twelve year old daughter. But there it is.

The leak was caused by the abrasive wear of crushed coffee beans. Over the years, it slowly ate away at the hard plastic wall, and finally a pinhole formed, out of which fine grains of coffee spewed every time I made a fresh pot. It filled the gap between the housing and the wall of the coffee maker, with a fine dust of ground coffee. Over the years, the dust compacted to a hard crust, and I often wondered if I should just clean it out.

But another part of me said that I should let it go on compacting, getting harder and harder until at last it formed a brick that I could then grind up and smoke. And that’s when I knew I was addicted to coffee.